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The Countdown to Thanksgiving Commences!


  • Belvedere Farm will be with the market until the end of the season and will have several different colorful mums. They are offering custom dried floral name place cards for Thanksgiving; customers can stop by to look at samples and place orders.
  • Glenville Hollow will have sweet onions, assorted hot and sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, turnips, kohlrabi, cauliflower, tatsoi, broccoli, spinach, curly kale, red and white Russian kale and white and purple napa. Several varieties of winter squashspaghetti squash, kabocha, acorn, carnival, spotted hound (so sweet!) and butternut. Stock up on popcorn and jams and jellies for the holidays.
  • In Kerry’s Kitchen will have three soups this week: Creamy Coconut and Vegetable Soup with Tandoori Spice, Curried Pearl Couscous with Assorted Vegetables, and Lentil Soup with Wild Rice, Winter Greens, Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Sweet Potatoes. Dips this week are: Roasted Vegetable and Three Cheese and Herb Cheese. 
  • Kite Hill will have plenty of their delicious meats, eggs and more. Ask Kate what she has on sale this week and maybe what she recommends for the holidays  and soup and stew weather! 
  • Max’s Degrees is back from their adventures in Europe scouting for new and unique ingredients! There are limited quantities of Champagne Honey and Spicy Deli Mustards, as well as their new simple syrup, Vietnamese Cinnamon & Orange. 
  • One Straw Farm is still with us for these last two weeks with their local Meats and Eggs. 
  • Definitely stop by Rare Opportunity Bakehouse’s booth this week for their newest Fall flavors:  Pumpkin Scones, Chocolate Salted Caramel Scones, Gluten Free Blondies, and some decadent Buttermilk Cake with Caramel Icing! Don’t forget to preorder weekly to ensure you don’t miss out on their goodies.
  • Maryland’s First and Only Sheep Dairy, Shepherds Manor Creamery, will have all their signature cheeses on hand including a divine vegetarian cheese, Windsor Tomme. They also have a huge selection of decadent soaps, which are all on display for your smelling pleasure! Stocking stuffers, perhaps?
  • Three Springs Fruit Farm has all your favorite pears and apples, and ones they’re proud of that you may not have tried before. They love to sample, so find your new autumn fruit and see what they have in their pantry selections for your holiday dinners and gifts. They are also selling crates of apples for $25.00. Pick from any variety. They also sell cases of their traditionally preserved foods; stock up for winter!


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In Case You Did Not Know: 

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  • If you wish to thank someone for a kind gesture you can give the gift of market tokens. Fill a handcrafted carrot refrigerator magnet with as many tokens as you would like to gift.
  • We recycle egg cartons, pulp baskets, wine, cider and simple syrup bottles, mustard jars, as well as containers from soups and dips.
  • Don’t have cash? We’ve got you covered, we accept debit cards in exchange for as many market tokens as you need!


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