Weekly Update

July 17th, 2018



Check out your Local Producer-Only Market this week as more and more regional produce and goods are becoming available. That means more corn, more fruits, more flowers, and even more!

    • You know to follow the joyful Carrot and signs to the Market, so tell your friends and family!
    • Bees by the Bay will (actually) be back this week with their locally produced honey and honey products; they’ve been raising bees since 1996!
    • Grab your gorgeous flowers from Belvedere Farm. They’ll have a rainbow of Zinnias and Tansies this week. Also, check out their Hydrangea tip on our Facebook page!
    • Calvert’s Gift Farm, an organic family-run farm in Sparks, MD, will have their staple greens and produce, plus cherry tomatoes and more sweet corn. Also, keep your eye out for peppers: sweet Jimmy Nardello, jalapeño, and Shishito (perfect for blistering and frying!)
    • Treat yourself to an all-natural Fresh Bites Snow Dome. Even better, add one of her freshly made toppings; they’re all FREE and include lime and lemon juice mists, whipped crème, and a Gluten/Dairy Free Rice Mallow!
    • Funky Fungi will be selling their homemade mushroom jerky as well as sprouts in addition to an abundance of their unique oyster mushrooms including Blue, Elm, & Golden.
    • Glenville Hollow will have a great selection of summer squash, onions, yellow/green beans, kohlrabi, new potatoes, cucumbers, blueberries and more. Popcorn, sweet potatoes, and jellies and more will always be in stock.
    • Check out the delish Kerry Dunnington has cooked up in her kitchen; she features weekly culinary treasures featuring numerous local ingredients from the region. Pleas request to get added to the mailing list if you are not already on it; we’ve nearly reached 300! Also, she’s the “go-to gal” for upcoming special events and market programs, so feel free to ask what’s in the works!
    • Kate at Kite Hill is having a special this week on her variety of fresh meats; perfect for kabobs, casseroles, or straight on the grates!
      • Ground Turkey – $7.00/lb
      • Beef Brisket & Roasts – $7.00/lb
      • Lamb Rib Chops – $17.00/lb
      • Smoked Ham Slices – $6.00/lb!
    • Max’s Degrees will be back next week with new Simple Syrups and possibly more!
    • One Straw Farm is going strong with plenty of spring onion, spinach, lettuce, radishes, kale, kohlrabi, chard, Keep Well products, pork, eggs, chicken, and their own jellies/jams. They’re expecting to have tomatoes, corn, and eggplant as well!
    • Stop by Rare Opportunity Bakehouse for a variety of treats. She’ll be featuring an amazing Zucchini Sweet Relish this week and you can always pre-order items for pickup at the market!
    • Maryland’s First and Only Sheep Dairy, Shepherds Manor Creamery, will have all their signature cheeses and soaps on hand. Be sure to try their Fetina, a feta-style cheese that has structure; it holds its own sliced or crumbled on steaks, eggs, salads, and more!
    • Three Springs Fruit Farm will have berries (including goose), cauliflower, apples, broccoli, greens and chard! In addition to white/yellow peaches, they’ll have white apricots, yellow plums, and donut nectarines and peaches!
    • As, always share us on Instagram and Facebook; we love photos!!

See you tomorrow afternoon!