Weekly Update

June 12th, 2018


Good Morning, Kenilworth Farmers Market Patrons & Friends –

The weather has certainly been more on the rainy and humid side than the bright and sunny that we need, but we will push on, as will our farmers, their plants, and all the goodies that shall come of it!

  • Our friendly Carrot that points the way to the Market will be there, rain or shine; we are expecting all Shine today!
  • Bees by the Bay will have their locally produced honey and honey products.
  • Grab a gorgeous bouquet, bunch, or stem from Belvedere Farm. They know their flowers! And Dad’s like flowers, too. Hint, hint.
  • Calvert’s Gift Farm will have plenty of lettuce and other spring greens, garlic scallions, radishes and more. They also want to remind you it’s almost Fava’s Day, so join the celebration!
  • Glenville Hollow may have some asparagus (but it’s not certain), kohlrabi, napa cabbage, radishes, fresh shell peas, spring onions, greens (kales, mustard, collards, turnip), lettuce and herb plants. Strawberries may join the roster if the rain wasn’t too harsh and they’ll have new jelly varieties!
  • Check out one of Kerry Dunnington’s locally sourced and lovingly made soups, dips, and more. Please ask her about the mailing list if you are not already on it.
  • Kate at Kite Hill will, of course, have those fresh eggs your family craves.  But, did you know she is also a one-stop shop for meats!? (Beef, pork, chicken, lamb…) = )
  • Max’s Degrees is debuting three new amazing Strawberry Simple Syrups this week, including local African Blue Basil and other fresh local herbs. They’ll also have a limited amount of One Straw Farm pepper blends to try and buy until pepper season begins again.
  • Speaking of One Straw Farm, they are back with their CSA and plenty of leeks, spring onion, chard, spinach, radishes, Keep Well products, pork, eggs, chicken, and their own jellies/jams and more.
  • Stop by Rare Opportunity Bakehouse for a hand pie, scone, or sweet treat; she has something different every week. She’s been bringing limited amounts of some chicken salads that you must surely should take home.
  • Maryland’s First and Only Sheep Dairy, Shepherds Manor Creamery, will have all their signature cheeses and soaps on hand.
  • Three Springs Fruit Farm will have all the orchard/farm goodies you would expect plus perhaps summer squash, broccoli, cabbage and more.

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 See you this afternoon!

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